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Bergen Family Genealogy

The Bergen Family has been a bit elusive. We do know that they were a Mennonite Family from Russia. In my research, I have come across a Jacob Bergen who has a son named Johann in Konteniusfeld (Conteniusfeld), Molotschna, South Russia. Unfortunately, the village is rarely mentioned in school registers and this makes it difficult to trace the generations. I have located a Bergen listed in the 1835 Molotschna Census in the village of Konteniusfeld. There are also many Bergen's listed in the 1873-74 Molotschna School Registers for this village. Could these be relatives? Another possibly has recently come to my attention. I have located a John Bergen who entered the United States in 1877. He was traveling with a relative, Gerhard Bergen, and his family. They entered through Philadelphia on the ship "Vaderland". This family also went to Kansas. I am almost positive this is my gr gr grandfather Johann J. Bergen but I need some more proof. I am hoping to find that maybe they still lived together in the 1880 Kansas census. I hope to find out soon. Bergen is also known to be spelled Baergen.

My great great grandfather, John J. Bergen, has been hard to trace any further back than his appearance in America. I do not know when he arrived, if he had any siblings, or his place of birth. His death certificate only lists Russia. I have sent for his immigration records and hope that this will give me more information. Update on this: I have contacted the INS and they have no record for John Bergen. My next course of action is to contact the county in which he lived and hope they have the naturalization and declaration of intent on file.

The Beginning:

Father: Jacob Bergen Mother: Unknown (Death certificate states Pample but I believe her last name may have been Rempel since Pample was not a Mennonite name). Children:

  1. Johann J. Bergen, born: 12-2-1862, Russia – died: 3-25-1943, Hutchinson, Kansas
Married: Anna Regehr, born: 8-31-1852, Russia – died: 3-15-1925, Goessel, Kansas

(This was Anna’s 2nd marriage. She was previously married to Johann D. Friesen, who died in Russia. Anna had four children from that marriage.) Children of Anna & John Bergen:

  1. Jacob Regier Bergen, born: 9-28-1886, Harvey County, Kansas – died: 9-16-1960, Bakersfield, California
  2. *Bernhard (Ben) R. Bergen, born: 10-10-1888, McPherson, Kansas – died: 3-17-1957, Hutchinson, Kansas

Jacob Regier Bergen married Gertrude Loewen, born: 11-6-1888, Buhler, Kansas. They were married 1-8-1908 in Kansas. Jacob and Gertrude made their final home in Shafter, California, where Jacob had a woodshop as well as a Union Service Station on the corner of Lerdo and Central Avenues. He also was a building contractor and built a lot of buildings that still exist in the Kern County area, including Bakersfield. Children:

  1. 1) Pete L Bergen, born: 11-6-1908, Buhler, Kansas – died: September 16, 1969, Bakersfield, California
  2. 2) Walter L Bergen, born: September 16, 1911, Buhler, Kansas
  3. 3) Elizabeth Bergen, Living
  4. 4) Harry L Bergen, Living
  5. 5) Lillie Bergen, born: December 14, 1920, Chocteau, Kansas – died: December 14, 1920
  6. 6) Elcy Bergen, Living
  7. 7) Roland L Bergen, Living

      Jacob & Gertrude Bergen Family

(As on other pages, I will continue with my direct line of Bergen’s. I do have information on other family members. If you would like this information please email me.)

Pete L Bergen married Ada Elizabeth Suydam, Living. They were married in Bakersfield, California. The two met as children in school in the Rio Bravo Area of Kern County, California. Pete was brought up as a devote Mennonite, while Ada was brought up in another Christian Faith. The Mennonite Church refused to marry them and Pete was eventually ex-communicated from the Church for marrying a non-Mennonite.

Pete earned his living most of his life as a farmer but also worked as a State Building Inspector for California, mainly working on schools in Kern County. He was also a great carpenter. We his family have many cherished possessions that were made by him. He took joy in creating jewelry boxes, toy boxes, and furniture of all types for his grandchildren and other family members. Children of Pete and Ada:

  1. Due to some very terrible people out there these days, the rest of the information has been deleted because of the possibility of identity theft. This generation contains people who are still living.
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*Ben R. Bergen married Susie Schmidt, born: March 21, 1889, Kansas – died: December 24, 1969, Hutchinson, Kansas. They were married on September 11, 1912, in Kansas. We know little about this family. Some of the older members of the family remember going to Kansas as children and visiting Uncle Ben but little else is known. Children:

  1. Frances Bergen - appears to have married twice: 1) Mr. Brewer 2) Mr. Seller
  2. Esther Bergen - married David J. Rheault
  3. Elsie Bergen - appears to have married twice: 1) Fred Parrett 2) Mr. Ritter
  4. Anna Bergen - married Claude Reed
  5. Walter R. Bergen

If you know anymore about the Ben Bergen Family, please contact me.

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