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Chorengel Family - German Roots

I have made great progress in the search for my Chorengel Roots in Germany. Of Course, you are never through with the search when searching for your roots. In German, Chorengel means, "choir angel". As another member of the Chorengel family says, "maybe they sang well in church and that's how they got the name."

In Germany, most of the Chorengels still live in the Bremen area. There are not too many of them there either. It is not a very common name. I have been in touch with one family in Germany and hope to someday find the link that binds us all together.

It is possible that the Chorengel family name originated in the village of Chorengelhaus in the Jade Region. Prior to the reign of Martin Luther in the early 16th century, persons were known by their first name and where they were from. For example: Rencke von Chorengelhaus. (Rencke from Chorengelhaus). This could get confusing with several Renckes from the same village. Martin Luther told the people to begin to find last names for themselves. The residents Northern Germany took their names from the towns they were from. For example: Rencke Chorengel. The residents of Southern Germany took their names from their occupations. I hope to one day be able to prove that this is the origin of the Chorengel name. I have to take my roots back to the 1500's in order to prove this theory. (I still have lots of work to do).

As on other pages I will be posting only my direct family line on this webpage, but there is a link at the bottom of this page to search my entire database to see if your Chorengel ancestors are in my family tree. My family's story begins about 1715 in Oldenbrok, Germany with Rencke Chorengel. He was married twice. His first wife is unknown. She died about 1743 in Oldenbrok, Germany. He married Anna Maria (unknown last name) May 26, 1744 in Tossens Parish, Grafschaft Oldenburg, Germany. Child of Rencke and his first wife is:
  1. Gerd Chorengel, born abt. 1741, Oldenbrok, Germany. He died December 6, 1808, Feldhausen, Langwarden, Oldenburg Duchy, Germany.

Children of Rencke Chorengel and his second wife Anna Maria are:

  1. (Daughter) Chorengel, born June 1750 - Died June 1750, Tossens, Butjadingen, Oldenburg Grafschaft, Germany
  2. Anna Maria Chorengel, born February 26, 1751, Tossens, Butjadingen, Oldenburg Grafschaft, Germany

Gerd Chorengel was married three times. His first wife was Thale Catharine Droste, born January 3, 1743 in Langwarden, Oldenburg Grafschaft, Germany. She was the daughter of Gerd Droste. They were married on May 9, 1765 in Langwarden, Oldenburg, Germany. His second wife was Wuebke Margarete Bremer, born abt. 1755 in Langwarden, Oldenburg, Germany - died April 20, 1794, Langwarden, Oldenburg, Germany. She was the daughter of Bruno Bremer. They were married March 16, 1775 in Langwarden, Oldenburg, Germany. Third marriage was to Margarete Sophie Hoermann, born November 1772 in Waddens, Germany - Died April 11, 1805 in Feldhausen, Langwarden, Oldenburg Duchy, Germany. She was the daughter of Christian Hinrich Hoermann. They were married on September 26, 1797 in Langwarden. Child of Gerd and his first wife Thale is:

  1. Heilcke Sophie Chorengel, born May 28, 1766, Langwarden, Oldenburg Grafschaft, Germany. Died June 13, 1766, Langwarden, Oldenburg Grafschaft, Germany
Children of Gerd and his second wife Wuebke are:
  1. Gerd Friedrich Chorengel, born March 11, 1776, Feldhausen, Langwarden, Oldenburg Duchy, Germany. Died April 28, 1831, Feldhausen, Oldenburg Duchy, Germany.
  2. Johann Friedrich Chorengel, born July 9, 1792, Langwarden, Oldenburg Duchy, Germany. Died December 31, 1813, Feldhausen, Langwarden, Oldenburg Duchy, Germany
Children of Gerd and his third wife Margarete are:
  1. Margarete Catharina Chorengel, born February 20, 1800, Felhausen, Oldenburg, Germany
  2. Christian Reinhard Chorengel, born August 1802, died as an infant
  3. (Daughter) Chorengel, died as infant

Gerd Friedrich Chorengel married Helene Muller, born abt. 1782 in Elsfleth, Oldenburg Duchy, Germany. Daughter of Johann Muller. She died December 18, 1850 in Feldhausen, Oldenburg, Germany. They were married on April 26, 1804 in Langwarden Parish, Oldenburg Duchy, Germany. Children of Gerd and Helene are:

  1. Johann Gerhard Chorengel, born December 27, 1804, Feldhausen, Oldenburg, Germany.
  2. Helene Margarete Catharine Chorengel, born September 12, 1806, Feldhausen, Oldenburg
  3. Anne Mette Chorengel, born abt 1809, Stollhamm, OLdenburg. Died May 2, 1817, Feldhausen, Oldenburg. She was drowned in a ditch
  4. Diederich Anton Chorengel, born abt 1813, Stollhamm, Oldenburg. Married Margarete Catharine Vogelsang on May 23, 1839 in Langwarden Parish. She was the daughter of Johann Heinrich Vogelsang. They had one known son: Gerd Hinrich Chorengel, born July 20, 1846
  5. Gerd Friedrich Chorengel, born May 18, 1815, Feldhausen, Oldenburg. Died June 29, 1822, Feldhausen, Oldenburg Grand Duchy, Germany
  6. Helene Chorengel, born March 5, 1818, Feldhausen, Oldenburg. Married Johann Hinrich Gerhard Gerdes on April 30, 1846 in Langwarden Parish
  7. Wuebke Margarete Chorengel, born December 10, 1819 in Feldhausen, Oldenburg
  8. Gerd Friedrich Chorengel, born September 27, 1823, Feldhausen, Langwarden, Oldenburg Grand Duchy, Germany Died May 6, 1895, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Gerd Friedrich Chorengel, born September 27, 1823, is my 3rd great grandfather. He worked his entire life as a carpenter in Germany (Zimmermeister) and the United States. At the time of the family's immigration to America they list their place of residence as Bremerlehe. Gerd would marry twice. His first marriage was to my 3rd great grandmother Anna Margarete Martens on May 20, 1849 in Langwarden Parish. She was born October 29, 1819 in Iffens, Stollhamm, Oldenburg. Daughter of Johann Martens and Katharine Hillmer. She died February 5, 1855 in Feldhausen, 5 months after giving birth to twins. Children of Gerd and Anna are:

  1. Johann Friedrich Chorengel, born February 11, 1850, Feldhausen, Oldenburg, Germany.
  2. August Wilhelm Chorengel, born May 22, 1851, Feldhausen, Oldenburg, Germany. Married Katharine Bay.
  3. Karl Heinrich Chorengel, born August 15, 1854, Feldhausen, Oldenburg, Germany. Married Matilda S. Anderson.
  4. Diedrich Anton Chorengel, born August 15, 1854, Feldhausen, Oldenburg. Died August 18, 1854, Feldhausen, Oldenburg

Gerd's second marriage was to Anna Sophie Marie "Helene" Emcken (Emken), born February 8, 1839, Eckwarden, Oldenburg, Germany. They were married in Langwarden Parish, Oldenburg, Germany on April 22, 1857. She was the daughter of Johann Emcken and Helene Boyken. Helene was fifteen and a half years younger than Gerd. She was eighteen at the time of this marriage, Gerd was thirty-three. Her mother had already died prior to the marriage. Child of Gerd & (Anna Sophie Marie) Helene Chorengel:

  1. Helene "Johanne" Frederike Chorengel, born: April 10, 1858, Hahn, Oldenburg. She Married George Toborg on March 4, 1878 in Cook County, Illinois

In 1864, Gerhardt and Helene brought their family to America. They left the port of Bremen and entered the US through Castle Garden in the Port of New York. They arrived May 24, 1864 on the ship "Adler". Gerd, having three sons could not face the possibly of one of more of them being forced into the German military, which would have been the Prussian army at the time. The family set up housekeeping in Chicago, Illinois. Gerd Chorengel died May 6, 1895 in Chicago, Illinois.

I continue to learn more about this family as my research progresses. Check back shortly as I hope to create links with the descendent information for this entire family. Now, I will continue with my family line from John Friedrich Chorengel.

John Frederick Chorengel married Kristiane Augusta Bay, born: June 28, 1852 in Asker, Norway. She was known as Christine or more frequently went by "Augusta" or "Gussie". They were married on December 30, 1874, in Chicago, Illinois. John was a barber and involved with the start of the union with "Grompers". He lost many jobs because of this. In 1907, the family moved to California. At the time of John's death, his death certificate lists his occupation as: Night Police in Glassell Park in Los Angeles. The picture of this couple (on the left) was taken on their Golden Wedding Anniversay (December 30, 1924) at Solomon's Dance Hall in Los Angeles, California. They had dressed up in 1800 period clothing and apparently danced the night away. Sadly, John died 25 days after this picture was taken on January 24, 1925 in Los Angeles and Christine would die in 1942 in Shafter, California. Children of John & Augusta:

  1. 1) Adolph Edward Chorengel, born: August 1, 1878, Chicago, IL.
  2. 2) Hannah Sophie Chorengel, born: October 12, 1883, Chicago, Illinois
  3. 3) Bernadetta Rosalia Chorengel, born: abt 1885 married Elias Thowson. They would have a son and a daughter.

Hannah Sophie Chorengel - (More commonly known as "Sophie") Because her father was unemployed frequently she started working at age 13 in a large department store to support the family. She proved to be quite successful and was advanced to a buyer of notions. She joined the YWCA and was a charter member even though she was only 15. Her name was placed on the cornerstone of the 1st YWCA facility in Chicago. She had a promising singing voice and the Y offered a scholarship to train her voice, but because her family needed her to help support them, she turned it down. In 1905, at age 22, she came to California at the request of her family. Her sister Birdie, had bronchitis and the Dr. prescribed a drier climate. She came to Los Angeles by train and got a job at Bullocks and the family followed.

Hannah Sophie would marry Elbert Beaumont Suydam, born June 25,1882 in Albany, New York. He was the son of Elbert Suydam and Marcia Sly. They would marry in about 1910. John Chorengel (Hannah's father) met Elbert Suydam who was working in a livery stable in Los Angeles and brought him home to meet the family. Hannah Sophie was then about 25. She liked his voice when they had previously talked on the telephone. They married and continued living in the LA area. Elbert continued working with horses. They lived with Hannah Sophie's parents until their first child, Burnadetta Suydam was born. Birdie had 7 month colic and Hannah's father worked nights. Birdie cried all day, so they had to move. They lived a great many places in Southern California. In 1924, Elbert became very ill while they were living in Garden Grove. The Dr. gave Hannah Sophie 3 days to Elbert to a drier climate. She sold everything except the fruit in the stand they were operating (which she abandoned), and the possessions they could carry in a 1920 Chevrolet panel truck. 3 days later, Hannah, sick Elbert, 3 kids, ages 6-13, and a dog headed for Bakersfield. They had a sack of apples on one fender and a sack of potatoes on the other & mattresses on the roof. They drove for 2 days to cross the old Ridge Route to the San Joaquin Valley. They settled in the Rio Bravo Area of Kern County. Children of Elbert and Hannah Sophie Suydam:

  1. Burnadetta Sophie Suydam, born: May 06, 1911 - married Kenneth Gross
  2. Ada Elizabeth Suydam, Living - married Pete L Bergen (follow the link for the continuing story)
  3. John Elbert Suydam, born: September 14, 1915, died: 1920, Los Angeles, California
  4. Donald Beaumont Suydam, born: July 29, 1918, married Betty Harrell - 2nd marriage to Mary Tremain, Donald died: April 1976.

Soon to be coming will be a webpage dedicated to Victor Holbrook. Son of Bernadetta Chorengel and Victor Allan Holbrook. Vic was a WWF wrestler in the 1940's and acted in several movies.

Don't hesitate to email me if you need further information than that listed above. I am always willing to help a fellow genealogist.

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Chicago, IL, USA ca 1900 - Young girl in doorway is my Gr Grandmother, Hannah Sophie Chorengel

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