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Loewen Family Page

More research needs to be done on this family also. We have good information of where the family was from. As far back as we have traced, they lived in the village of Rueckenau, Molotschna, South Russia. The family begins with:

Johann L÷wen and Gertruda Esau. Their children are:

  1. Bernhard Loewen, born: 11-9-1843, Rueckenau, Molotschna, So Russia - died: 7-2-1889 in Kansas
  2. Johann Loewen, born: about 1845
  3. Margaretha Loewen, born: about 1847
  4. Helena Loewen, born: about 1850
  5. Gertruda Loewen, born: 3-16-1853, died: 10-8-1907. Married: Jakob Epp
  6. David Loewen, born: about 1855

Bernhard Loewen married Katharina Heidebrecht, born: 2-25-1847. They were married on 2-13-1867. Bernhard and Catharine brought their family to America 8-27-1874. They departed from Hamburg aboard the ship "Cimbria". The family settled in Kansas. Children of Bernhard and Catharina:

  1. John Ben Loewen, born: 10-8-1867, Rueckenau, Molotschna, So Russia - died: 8-18-1949. Married: Maria Holtzrichter
  2. Cornelia Loewen, born: 3-18-1869, Rueckenau, Molotschna, So Russia - died: 5-7-1925. Married: F.F. Strauss
  3. Margaretha Loewen, born: 7-3-1871, Rueckenau, Molotschna, So Russia - died: 4-29-1960. Married: David F. Strauss
  4. Katherine Loewen, born: 5-14-1873, Rueckenau, Molotschna, So Russia - died: 6-26-1942. Married Aaron A. Peters
  5. Peter B. Loewen, born: 11-7-1876, Kansas. Married: Anna Kofelt
  6. Bernhard Loewen, born: 10-26-1879, Kansas. Married: Lizzie Warkentine
  7. Anna Loewen, born: 3-5-1882, Reno County, Kansas. Married: Bernard "BP" Nikkel
  8. Mary Loewen, born: 6-8-1884, Married: Peter B. Nikkel
  9. David Loewen, born: 5-18-1886, Married: Daisy Warkentine
  10. Gertrude Loewen, born: 11-6-1888, Buhler, Kansas - died: 9-19-1973, Shafter, California. Married: Jacob Regier Bergen

(To continue with my direct line - click the link for Jacob Regier Bergen to continue on the Bergen Page)

Gertruda Loewen married Jacob Epp, born: 9-23-1849. They were married 1-25-1873. Gertruda, Jacob and their children came to America 6-5-1884 onboard the ship "Nuernberg".

  1. Johann Epp, born: 11-22-1876
  2. Gertrude Epp, born: 9-14-1878
  3. Agatha Epp, born: 11-4-1881
  4. Jacob G. Epp, born: 7-14-1844, Married: Katharina Nikkel
  5. Bernhard J. Epp, born: 12-21-1886 - died: 8-31-1976. Married: Anna Nikkel
  6. Katharina Epp, born: 9-15-1890 - died: 12-15-1992
  7. Maria Epp, born:12-7-1892 - died: 12-15-1992

John Ben Loewen married Maria Holtzrichter, born: 11-11-1872. They were married 4-9-1895 in Reno County, Kansas. Children:

  1. Barbara Marie Loewen, born: 6-7-1896. Married: Bernhard Hamm
  2. Katherine Loewen, born: 6-10-1899. Married: Peter Koslowsky
  3. Jacob Loewen, born: 11-18-1901. Married: Anna Cristesen
  4. Sara Loewen, born: 6-26-1904, Burrton, Kansas. Married: Samuel W. Wall
  5. Emma Loewen, born: 12-23-1908. Married: Ewald Gaub
  6. Frank Loewen, born: 12-16-1911. Married: Susie Mekker
  7. Samuel Loewen, born: 1-1-1914. Married: Jean Pitett
  8. Leonard Loewen, born: 4-25-1916. Married: Jessie Doyel

I do have more information on some of these families and their descendents. If you need more information please click the link below to search my database. Please take the time to sign the Loewen Family Guestbook. Someone may be looking for the information you provide. IF YOU ARE TRYING TO CONTACT LOST FAMILY MEMBERS OR MAKE A GENEALOGY CONNECTION DO NOT MAKE THE MESSAGE PRIVATE. NO ONE WILL SEE IT BUT ME. All the information I have on this family is available at Search My Entire Database On Rootsweb. If the information is not here - I don't know it, sorry and there is no need to email me.Thanks!

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