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Regehr Family Genealogy

Is it spelled "Regehr" or "Regier"? Actually within the same family it can be spelled either way. In my family it is spelled both ways. Which way is correct? Both are. Within the Mennonite Community it was not uncommon for the children to spell the name differently from their parents. Why? Who knows?

The Regehr Family has also been elusive on my quest for truth. We do not know the area of Russia they were from. I have recently sent off for immigration documents, which I hope, will clear up some of the mystery. What I do know, follows:

Parents: Henry Regehr and Katherine Goossen

Child: Anna Regehr born: August 31, 1852, Russia - died: May 15, 1925, Goessel, Kansas

Anna Regehr married Johann D. Friesen in Russia. No dates known. Johann died prior to the family's immigration to America. Anna came to America with her four children from this marriage. She lived in Kansas for the remainder of her life. Children:

  1. Anna Friesen married Jacob Toews
  2. Katherine Friesen married Henry Schieling
  3. Johan "John" Friesen born: March 02, 1882, Russia - married Marie Patzkowski
  4. Heinrich "Henry" Friesen

After settling in Goessel, Kansas, Anna met John J. Bergen and they were married. (Follow the link for John J. Bergen to see information about this marriage and descendents).

I do have more information on the Friesen or Wiens Families for anyone who is interested. Go back to the main page and click the link to check my database. Please take the time to sign the guestbook before leaving. You may have some information I as well as others may need. Thanks alot!

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