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Thielmann Family

I have recently discovered this family in my genealogy quest. I don't know much about them and haven't researched any data on them yet. What information I do have comes again, from the Grandma CD.

Nickolas Thielmann, born September 9, 1679 in Danzig, Prussia. He married Maria (unknown last name). Child of Nickolas and Maria:

1) Abraham Thielmann, died September 29, 1697, married Katharina Jacobsen who was born October 4, 1667 and died April 27, 1752. Child:

  1. Abraham Thielmann, died February 17, 1751 in Danzig, Prussia. He married Anna Noetzen on April 7, 1738. She was born September 4, 1702 in Danzig, Prussia and died August 19, 1777. Anna was previously married to Elias Tiessen and they had 2 children. The child of Abraham and Anna is:
  1. Isaac Thielmann, born October 21, 1742 in Stadtgebiet, Danzig, Prussia. Died August 18, 1788 in Schidlitz, Danzig, Prussia. He married Sara Howernehr, born June 3, 1752, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia, on November 13, 1774. Sara remarried after the death of Isaac on April 22, 1794 to Peter Tiessen. Children of Isaac and Sara were:
  1. Abraham Thielmann, born 8-18-1775 in Schidlitz, Danzig, Prussia. Died October 30, 1779 in Schidlitz, Danzig, Prussia
  2. Sara Thielmann, born June 4, 1777 in Schidlitz, Danzig, Prussia
  3. Isaac Thielmann, born April 9, 1779 in Schidlitz, Danzig, Prussia
  4. Anna Thielmann, born June 22, 1781 in Schidlitz, Danzig, Prussia.
  5. Maria Thielmann, born March 22, 1783 in Schidlitz, Danzig, Prussia. Married David Foht.
  6. Catharina Thielmann, born November 12, 1784 in Schidlitz, Danzig, Prussia. She married outside the church on July 30, 1805 and joined the Reformed Church.
  7. Jacob Thielmann, born March 18, 1786 in Schidlitz, Danzig, Prussia. Died July 7, 1792 in Schidlitz, Danzig, Prussia
  8. Abraham Thielmann, born February 14, 1788 in Schidlitz, Danzig, Prussia. Died December 11, 1790 in Schidlitz, Danzig, Prussia

Click the link on Anna to continue the family story. As previously stated I know little about this family and have some descendents. Please sign the guestbook below. Maybe we can make some connections! IF YOU ARE TRYING TO CONTACT LOST FAMILY MEMBERS OR MAKE A GENEALOGY CONNECTION DO NOT MAKE THE MESSAGE PRIVATE. NO ONE WILL SEE IT BUT ME. All the information I have on this family is available at Search My Entire Database On Rootsweb. If the information is not here - I don't know it, sorry and there is no need to email me.

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