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Howernehr Family

The Howernehr Family appears to have been from Schottland, Danzig, Prussia, in the late 1600's. I know absolutely nothing about the family history. All of the information presented here comes directly from the Grandma3 CD. I don't like knowing just the names, dates, etc., I like to know about the family. I will definitely be doing more research into this family. Any help from the many descendents listed, and those not listed, is greatly appreciated.

In the Grandma3 CD, many other families are descended from this family. Names like: Von Kampen, Heidebrecht, Tiessen, Foht, Barg, Siemens, only to name a few. This is definitely a family worth pursuing farther. But then, aren't they all. Here we go:

Isaak Howernehr, died - March 24, 1728. On September 23, 1696, he married Regina Willems, she died - November 2, 1745. Together they had a son:

Isaac Howernehr, died - June 1, 1753. On September 25, 1718, he married Anna Peters, she died - May 5, 1762. They had three children:

  1. Anna Howernehr, died - May 6 1756, Schottland, Danzig, Prussia. Married Heinrich Von Kampen. Son of Heinrich Von Kampen & Susanna Von Dyck.
  2. Isaac Howernehr, born July 23, 1726, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia. Died - November 19, 1807, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia.
  3. Abraham Howernehr, born December 9, 1728, Petershagen, Prussia. Died - April 3, 1799, Schottland, Danzig, Prussia. Married twice: 1) Margaretha Siemens 2) Catharina Siemens

Isaac Howernehr was married on July 25, 1751 to Sara Foht. She was born October 15, 1727 and died July 6, 1793. Daughter of Heinrich Foht & Sara Lamberts. They had the following children:

  1. Sara Howernehr, born June 3, 1752, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia.
  2. Anna Howernehr, born October 17, 1753, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia. Died - March 8, 1813, St. Albrecht, Danzig, Prussia. Married Gerhard Barg, son of Paul Berg & Agatha Rempel.
  3. Maria Howernehr, born September 25, 1755, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia. Died - July 4, 1758, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia.
  4. Isaac Howernehr, born August 26, 1757, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia. Died - October 8, 1757, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia.
  5. Isaac Howernehr, born August 7, 1758, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia. He was married on May 26, 1781 and settled in Koenigsberg.
  6. Abraham Howernehr, born November 5, 1760, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia. Died October 23, 1763, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia.
  7. Heinrich Howernehr, born March 22, 1763, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia. Died - June 26, 1763, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia.
  8. Abraham Howernehr, born April 21, 1764, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia. Died - May 16, 1767, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia.
  9. Jacob Howernehr, born August 23, 1766, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia. Died - August 3, 1767, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia.
  10. Jacob Howernehr, born October 11, 1767, Stoltzenberg, Danzig, Prussia. Died in Koenigsberg, Prussia.

Sara Howernehr would be married twice. Her first marriage was to Isaac Thielmann. After his death at age 45 on August 18, 1788 she would remarry. Her second husband was Peter Tiessen. Son of Peter Tiessen & Magdalena Claassen. They would wed on April 22, 1794. She had no children with her second husband.

Follow the link for Isaac Thielmann for the continuing story!

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