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Witt Family Genealogy

The Witt family is first noted in the region of West Prussia south of the Marienburg area, in Obernessau, West Prussia, near the city of Thorn (now Torun, Bydogszcz, Poland).

It is believed that the Witt family came from a Lutheran background with close Mennonite ties. The ties to the Mennonites are evident since the village of Obernessau was a Mennonite village.

Parents: Adam Witt and Karolina Braun - West Prussia

Adam Witt was a forestry worker, section laborer, and woodcutter. He was injured by a tree falling on him, damaging his back. He failed to recover and died when his children were small.

After the death of her husband, Karolina worked hard to keep food available for her children. She worked for others in the community for very low pay. The food often was leftovers, and tablescraps from the neighbors. Most of the time it consisted of clabbered milk, potatoes boiled with peelings, and a tiny bit of fat meat to flavor the potatoes. The little ones were left home alone while Karolina worked. The eldest Henrietta, was in charge of her 5 sisters and 1 brother even though she herself was very young. Children of Adam & Karolina:


  1. Henrietha Elizabeth Witt, born: 3-11-1858, Obernessau, West Prussia
  2. Augusta Witt
  3. Wilhemenia Witt
  4. Annie Witt
  5. Margaret Witt
  6. Eva Witt, born: 3-22-1860, Prussia
  7. Karl Witt, born: January 1866, Prussia

Henrietta Witt - Came to America as an indentured servant. She was sent for by Pastor Suderman, in the US. She had to work for his family for a year or two, without pay, to repay the cost of having brought her to America. She also continued working for others as way of earning money for day to day expenses. (Click the link her story continues on another page)

Eva Witt - Entered the US on 09-15-1882 with her brother Karl (Carl) age 16 - on the SS Donau from Bremen to the USA. Manifest# 36877. They were also sponsored by Pastor Suderman.

Eva Witt married Andreas Kliewer born: 12-16-1838, Deutsch Michalin, Prussia. They were married on March 24, 1884. They had the following children:

  1. Edward Kliewer, born: 2-8-1880
  2. Helena Kliewer, born: 6-6-1884
  3. Marie Kliewer, born: 3-24-1886

Karl Witt - Entered the US on 09-15-1882 with his sister Eva Witt - on the SS Donau from Bremen to the USA. Manifest# 36877. They were also sponsored by Pastor Suderman. Karl would marry Viola Foster about 1891 in Kansas. She was born June 1871 in Kansas. Children of Karl and Viola:

  1. Florence F. Witt, born October 1891, Kansas
  2. Minnie O. Witt, born June 1893, Kansas
  3. Earl C. Witt, born February 1895, Kansas
  4. Kenneth Witt, born June 27, 1897, Kansas. Died August 1965, Kansas
  5. (Son) Witt, born February 1899, Kansas

Not much else is known about the Witt family. If you have further information, please contact me. If you have a site regarding the "Witt Family" that is Mennonite, Lutheran, or with ties to Russia or Prussia, let me know so I can add a link to your site.

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