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Neumann's of the World Unite!

I was surfing around the web one day and noticed that other surnames had WebRings. I searched and searched and could not locate one for the Neumann clan. I took matters in hand and decided to attempt to unite all those with Neumann (Neuman, Newman, Niemann, or Neamann) Heritage into one WebRing. At first, the task looked overwhelming but I'm up for the challenge. I think the time has come for the Neumann's of the World Wide Web to unite.

The WebRing is just getting started and the sites are few. I hope to build this into a WebRing that is quite awesome. I hope you'll go along for the ride. Any sites with the different variations of Neumann are welcome to join. The object of this WebRing is to unite families that may have lost touch or are distant cousins through genealogy.

The new search engines have begun to rank sites by popularity. The more links TO your site the search engine sees it as a popular site. It then gives it a greater priority than other sites with less links to them. Your site is then placed at the top of the list. Experts agree that WebRings are a good way of adding links TO your site. It then increases overall visits to your site. I definitely agree that joining WebRings is a great way to increase overall traffic.

Your site does not have to be strictly about Neumann Genealogy. It does however, have to be about or by a Neumann Family. As in: your personal Neumann Family Homepage. If your site is a genealogy-based site, Neumann must be a name in your family tree.

If possible make it easy for those navigating the WebRing to find your Neumann information. If you have a WebRing page, that's no problem as long as a link to your Neumann Page also appears on the WebRing Page. (I'm not so strict about this - but please make it easy to see why you are a part of the WebRing.) Don't you agree it's a pain to have to search and search a site to find the information you're looking for?

Your site CANNOT contain any adult materials! It must be suitable for family members of all ages.

Make sure when adding your URL to the Join Page that you are listing the page that the WebRing logo will be appearing on. Example: Want to JOIN?


Thanks for joining the WebRing!!

Click the Guest Map Below to add Your Neumann Family Location and see others around the world!

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