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Prussia's Legacy NetRing

Welcome to the NetRing dedicated to preserving Prussia’s Legacy and her Heritage. My hope is to unite all websites that are dedicated to either Prussia’s history or her legacy – us – her descendents. If your website contains descendents of families from Prussia or anything pertaining to her history, please consider joining this NetRing.

Membership is simple. As stated above all you have to have is a site about Prussia or to be a descendent of those who lived in Prussia. Your site must be acceptable for children of all ages. Commercial sites are not allowed - unless they provide a service to those searching their Prussian Roots.

Many different nationalities and religious groups inhabited Prussia. Some of these were Germans, Dutch, Polish, and Russian to name a few. Religions of the area ranged from Lutheran, Mennonite, Catholics, and Jewish. Don't feel bad if I left any out I didn't mean to. All languages are also welcome to join. Let us - the descendents of Prussia, reunite under her flag once again and create a great NetRing to make locating each other much easier.

Clubs and Research Sites

I would love to have as many clubs and research sites added to the ring as possible. The hope is to make it simple for those researching Prussia and her descendents to find all types of information in one spot. I would love to have more of these sites join.

Please take the time to add your website to this important tool for all persons searching their Genealogy in Prussia.

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