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Bay Family - Norwegian Roots

The Bay Family is the family we have the most information about. I think that's why they are one of the last families I am adding to this website. I knew that this page would be one of my longest projects - procrastination - one of my worst habits. Anyway on with the story. In approximately 1928 the family in Norway hired O. Delphin Amundsen to research the family tree. There were rumors of a large Dutch inheritance and the family wanted to know if it was true. The Bay Family book was published in Oslo in 1943. Her cousin, Reidar Thommessen, sent it to my grandmother, Ada Suydam Bergen, in 1946. The only problem was - no one can read Norwegian! I have managed to translate the names, birth dates, death dates, etc., but have yet to translate the entire book. I have contacted some translators and they want $2,000 - $4,000 to translate these 123 pages. Get real!!! If anyone knows how or where to get the book translated for a decent fee, please let me know.

It seems as if the family was quite prominent in Norway. Most of the men were officers within the Norwegian Military. Even some men who married into the family would use the surname of Bay instead of their own. I have also been able to translate a few family scandals. These are the interesting stories.

During World War II, my grandmother's family kept in touch with the Bay relatives in Norway, sending them necessities like sugar, stockings, & coffee. After the war the communication continued until the death of Reidar Thommessen in 1986. Since then we have lost contact. We would love to find his children and continue the correspondence. If you're out there please send me an email. We would love to know how you're doing.

As with other pages I will only be following my direct line. I do have lots of information of descendents of others listed on this page. The underlined persons are my direct line - links of course will be underlined also but a different color.

Here's how the story goes:

Oluf Bay was a Lieutenant in the Norwegian Military. He married Siri (Sigrid) Baardsdatter Nielsen between 1643 - 1645. She was born about 1609, and died May 31, 1698. Oluf died in 1650. Together they had 2 children:

  1. Johanne Olufsdatter Bay, born about 1644, and died November 1729
  2. Even Olsen Bay, born about 1645, and died October 1739. Married Marthe Gundersdatter Schramstad

Johanne Bay married Christen Pederssøn Helmen. He was born about 1650, and died May 11, 1698. They had the following children:

  1. Sophie Helmen, born about 1676 and died September 1763, in Vinger, Norway
  2. Adolph Carl Helm, born 1685 and died May 1754. He served as a Colonel in the Norwegian Military. He was married twice with no children
  3. Peder Christian Helm, born October 1689, died January 13, 1750 in Ytterøen, Norway. He served as a Colonel in the Norwegian Military.
  4. Bastain Helm, died 1718. We now that he had 6 children but have no further information.
  5. Petronelle Helmen
  6. Margrethe Helm, born about 1676, died 1731. Married Niels Knudsen Hals.
  7. Karen Helm, born November 1688, died 1729. Married Niels Guttormsen Hafnor
  8. Maren Helmen, born about 1686, died June 1763. Married Christen Godager
  9. Hilleborg Helmen, married Ole Rasmussen on October 24, 1708 in Gran, Norway
  10. Anne Helmen, died July 31, 1744. Married Tosten Daggson Langeland.

Sophie Helmen married Hans Jensen Slagter before 1702. He was born about 1668 and died October 1759 in Christiania, Norway. They had the following children:

  1. Johanne Bay, born 1702
  2. Else Marie Bay, born 1704, died November 1790. Married Ole Jensen.
  3. Christen (Christian) Hanssøn Bay, born 1705 in Christiania, Norway, died July 1753.
  4. Inger Bay, born 1709, died 1712
  5. Jens Christopher Bay, born 1712, died 1782
  6. Inger Marie Bay, born November 11, 1714, died January 20, 1764. Married Larson Olsen Næss
  7. Herman Bay, born 1718 in Gran, Norway, died 1788 in Værdalen, Norway. Married (1) Anne Regitze Coldevin. (2) Bolette Tønder

Christen Hanssøn Bay married Olia Gudmundsdatter Berger on October 24, 1730 in Brandvold, Grue, Norway. They had one daughter:

  1. Cathrine Margrethe Bay, born 1731, died January 25, 1805

Cathrine Margrethe Bay was married twice. Her first marriage was to Hans Olsen Berger. Cathrine and Hans children are:

  1. Ole Hansen Bay, born May 2, 1768, Berger, Norway - died February 7, 1842 in Svennesund, Norway
  2. Peder Hansen Bay, born September 29, 1775, Berger Farm, Grue, Solor, Norway - died February 2, 1815, Christiania, Norway. Married Karen Henrichsdatter.
  3. Karen Bay, married 3 times. Last names (1) Nielsen (2) Rummi (3) Aschjem

Cathrine's second marriage was to Peder Roverud. They had the following children:

  1. Olea Roverud
  2. Johanne Roverud
  3. Adolph Roverud
  4. Inger Roverud
  5. Gudmund Roverud, died September 30, 1828

Ole Hansen Bay was married twice. He had no children from his first marriage. His second marriage was to Ann Cathrine Winther. They married on July 12, 1800 in Flesberg, Norway. Ann was born February 27, 1777 and died March 4, 1831. They would have eleven children together:

  1. Cathrine Marie Bay, born March 25, 1801, Flesberg, Norway - died 1853. Married Hellich Hansen Gaasum
  2. Hans Nicolai Bay, born February 24, 1803, Svenne, Norway - died January 6, 1867. Married Joran Herbrandsdatter Haavelsrud.
  3. Marthe Karine Bay, born March 18, 1805, Flesberg, Norway. Married Torsten Herbrandsen
  4. Christian August Aagaard Bay, born March 9, 1807, Flesberg, Norway - died about 1883. Married Joran Paulsdtr Gaasum.
  5. Adolph Carl Helm Bay, born July 21, 1810, Svenne, Norway - died July 21, 1855, Oslo, Norway.
  6. Maren Bay, born 1812, Flesberg, Norway
  7. Olea Oline Petrea Bay, born June 3, 1813 - died March 15, 1863. Married Christian Larsen Haugen
  8. Karen Johanne Bay, born 1813, died young
  9. Karen Johanne Bay, born September 29, 1816, Flesberg, Norway - died March 15, 1889. Married Ole Jokumsen Lindboe
  10. Christiana Augusta Bay, born May 10, 1819, Flesberg, Norway - died July 10, 1852. Married Ole Olsen Aasland
  11. Maren Kristine Bay, born September 8, 1822, Flesberg, Norway - died in America. Married Ole Larsen Haugen who also died in America.

Adolph Carl Helm Bay married Anne Sophie Solum in 1843, she was said to be a farmer's daughter from Overhalden. She was born about 1823 and died September 4, 1863 in Østre Stabekke. In 1849, Adolph was a clerk at the Sheriff Orum's at Sem jurisdiction in Asker. He sometimes also worked as a sheriff's attorney. Until his death he lived in Sandviken and worked as a debt collector. At the time of his death he left his widow and children unprovided for. Children of Adolph and Anne:

  1. Christiane Augusta Bay, born June 28, 1852, Asker, Norway - died July 27, 1941, Shafter, California. She was obviously named after her father's sister who died one month after her birth. Married Johann Frederick Chorengel.
  2. Karl Haral Severin Bay, born October 23, 1854, Asker, Norway - died February 7, 1912, Kristiania, Norway. Karl never married.
  3. Hulda Emelie Eugenie Bay, born January 20, 1849, Overhalden, Norway - died September 4, 1941, Bygdöy, Norway. Married Lars Thommessen on December 19, 1889 in Larvik, Norway. He was born July 1, 1838 in Larvik, Norway and died 1920 in Stavern, Norway. The children of Hulda and Lars are:
                   1)Reidar Thommessen
                  2)Harald Thommessen, born 1870
                   3) Anna Thommessen, born 1871
                  4)Haldis Thommessen, born 1873

   4. Ovidia Bay
  5. Thrine Cathrine Bay. She immigrated to America before 1887. She was possibly married twice, once to a Brown.

To continue with my line of the family click the link for John Frederick Chorengel and follow their story. I hope in the future to provide more information on Reidar Thommessen, "The Waltz King of Norway" and that's why I included that family's information here. As I previously stated our family would like desperately to get in touch with the children of Reidar so if anyone has any information on this let me know. Thanks in Advance!

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