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This was such a great event. It was limited to 250 fan club members and we all had a great time. Jeff was open and took the time to speak with his fans while he gave out autographs. Pepsi was there handing out pepsi and cookies and there were lots of door prizes. I would highly recommend all his fans attend one of these events. It was a little disappointing that Brooke did not attend, Jeff said she was out shopping because they were going out that evening and she didn't have a thing to wear. But we did get a nice surprise that Jeff's natural father did attend and we thank him for that.




Jeff addresses the multitude of fans and takes questions

Jeff signs autographs

Again, this was a great event and if you only make it to one Fan Club Meeting in your life, you'll never forget it!!! Jeff is very down to earth and treats his fans very well. Good luck, Jeff, in obtaining your 5th championship and I hope to see you again soon at another Fan Club Meeting. I hope this page didn't take to long to load - but I love every picture on this page ... all pictures were taken by me, Rita.


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