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I've decided to include a page of my favorite pictures. This page is always under construction so check back often. Just click on the thumbnail to see the picture at full size.

CA Speedway 2003 - click for more pictures     Jeff Gordon        


Jeff in high school            


Isn't it amazing that we're all fascinated by who Jeff is dating? I like to keep up with it too. As a driver there is no one that can beat Jeff's skill, intuition, and judgement. In matters of love, I don't agree with his decisions. Brooke was a snob. She wouldn't participate with others in the racing community and tried to keep Jeff from participating in that lifestyle. Unfortunately, Jeff complied and changed everything from the way he dressed to where he lived. I don't agree again with his choices these days. I hope he's getting involved with these runway models and actresses for fun and just because he can. As we see all the time with Hollywood actors & models, these relationships do NOT last. Yes, he is more relaxed - going so far as to wear a goatee for awhile. BUT again, he seems to change who he is and even where he lives for them, and has moved farther away from the hub of racing.

My personal opinion - I wish Jeff would find a nice girl from a racing family who knows what to expect of the lifestyle. One who won't make him (or even ask) him to move to Florida or New York. A girl who understands the pressures of going from race to race and dealing with sponsors. Come on Jeff, get away from these starlets and find a real girl!!!!

  • INGRID VANDEBOSCH - Jeff's New Wife - Married on Tuesday 11-07-06 in Mexico

  • AMANDA CHURCH - Runway Model who Jeff previously dated

  • DEANNA MERRYMAN - Nude Model & Playboy Centerfold that is rumored to have caused the breakup of Jeff's Marriage

  • BROOKE GORDON - Jeff's ex-wife, model & former Miss Winston


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