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Switzerland Neumanns

Dear Rita,

Good for you, posting a site for your family.

I have previously posted the information below on the Neumann Genealogy site and have had no response. Perhaps it will connect with some of your info.

What caught my attention on your site is the fact that I have a record of a Yohann Neumann and a Elisabetha Haas giving birth to a Alois Neumann on the 11th of February 1856 in Rothenburg. It seemed close to the names of some of your ancestors, I'm sure that there were many similar names at the time, however I thought some of the info I have may coincide with yours. Most of my info seems to record family events which took place in Switzerland.

Please take a look..


Jim McKillop

In the summer of 1971, I found an envelope containing an account of a family tree in the name of Neumann. It was found in an abandoned farmhouse near Evansburg Alberta, Canada.
The document in written on Doctor's prescription paper with the words: "Schatzalp, den..............191
at the top of the page. Below is the name Dr. Neumann.
There are several pages (60-80) and each chronicles a member of the Neumann family dating from 7 February 1723 when Yohannes Neumann married Maria Martina Duner. The family seems to have originated in Switzerland as several Cities are shown as birthplaces. These include: Luzerne, Basel,Rothenberg, Emmen & Kochdorf(sp).

The pages each outline the births, marriages, children and deaths of several generations over a 200 year period ending in approx 1915.

The pages are written in "Upper or higher German" and are in quill pen. I have tried to locate any family members who may have been in the Evansburg area about 1971 but so far have not been able to contact anyone.
Only a portion has been translated into English and I cannot read or speak the language.

Some of the names are listed below:

1723 Yohannes Neumann married Maria Duner
1725 Yakobus is born
1726 Mauriz is born
1728 Yohan Michael is born
1730 Maria Barbara is born
? twins Yohannes Andreas & Anna Maria born
? Yohannes born
-Yakob & Yacobus Neumann (B 11 Jan 1807) to
-Mauriz & Barbara Neumann
-Yoseph Alois Neumann (B 9 May 1804) to
-Yodocus Neumann & Barbara Waller

Several Children born to Yacob Neumann & Lucia Vogel including:
-Mauritzius (21 Jan 1801)
-Michael Yohannes Haverius Aloisius 17 Dec 1801
-Elisabeth (4 Oct 1793)
-Yodocus (28 Jan 1807)
-Yodocus Yosephus Yacobus (20 Jun? 1804)

The most recent name on the list is that of Konrad Neumann and the page was dated 1915.

As I am not sure of the words or their meaning, some of the dates could be mixed and may be dates of marriages or deaths instead of birthdays.
There are numerous other names on the list.

Some of the surnames mentioned include:
Bullen, Luternaur,Muller,Wirz & Buhlmann. Neumann is the predominant name throughout the entire document.

There is only one mention of a North American connection and that is:
Yosef Udaricus Neumann (b 29 Jan 1835) to Yost Neumann & Elisabetha Luternauer appears to have died 5 Jun? 1877 in Brooklyn New York.

If you feel this could be your family, please contact Jim. (His email address is listed above) It sounds like he has some good information for some lucky genealogist.

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